Why Buy From Arizona Car Sales

Arizona Car Sales thinks everyone deserves transparency!

We want to remove any doubt about buying your next car, truck or SUV!

A dealership shouldn’t be full of smoke and mirrors. Listed prices shouldn’t be different from what the associate is telling you to pay. Being told a price and then told to pay another (with thousands of “add-ons” or “reconditioning fees” you weren’t told online) can be frustrating and make the car-buying process dreadful.

Arizona Car Sales gives you the transparency you deserve when making a decision like buying a vehicle.
The price you see is always the price you pay! That’s why Arizona Car Sales has thousands of 5 star social media ratings, an “A+” rated Better Business Bureau accredited dealership, 100% positive feedback on eBay Motors, a 5 time “Best of Mesa” winner in pre-owned vehicle sales and service, and is a two time winner of CarGurus’ “Top Dealer” award winner for customer service and price transparency!

Why should you buy from Arizona Car Sales? We’ve answered some of the most common questions here. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to call us at 855-509-3939

Shopping Questions

How can I get out of the dealership in an hour or less?

It’s simple. Nearly all the information you need to make the right car buying decision can be provided before you ever set foot in a dealership. Most dealerships don’t like to give up this much information, as they believe they can get you to pay more under pressure in person. Arizona Car Sales helps you find the car that fits your life by giving you upfront, market-based pricing for both our vehicle and your (potential) trade-in without any games, add-ons, addendums, or hassles!

Head to the details tab to get all the specifics of your vehicle and access a free vehicle history report. We make the car buying process a no-pressure experience by giving you everything upfront without ever having to set foot in a dealership. You get our absolute lowest price, our best financing terms, our highest trade-in value and a complete vehicle history report. You also get 30+ photos of each vehicle. We can even provide you all the maintenance work we performed on the vehicle prior to sale. We also remove all the haggling, negotiating and pressure that can last hours in most car-buying transactions. The only thing you need to do when you arrive at Arizona Car Sales is a test drive the car, get your trade invalidated with the information you provided ahead of time and sign the paperwork. In most cases, this takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

How can I be assured the numbers won’t change once I get to Arizona Car Sales?

No! One of the things we hate the most about the car buying process is that often the price and terms you are quoted before you come in are not what you see when you arrive. We have removed that frustration. The terms we quote you are exactly what you will see when you arrive as long as all the information you provide is accurate and verifiable at the time of purchase. Our friendly staff will work with you diligently to make sure we get this information verified before you come in.

How can you assure me I won’t feel pressured to buy something I’m not sure about?

We understand you are more dependent on your vehicle than ever before and in many cases, it is one of your largest purchases. So the last thing you need to worry about is being pressured to buy something you will regret. This is why any terms and figures we quote are good for 7 days as long as the vehicle is still in stock. So whether you buy today, tomorrow, next week, or next month – you are given the freedom to make your decision on your terms and not have to worry about missing out on a great price, as long as that particular vehicle is available for sale. You know all the facts and figures before you come in, so you never shocked or surprised. In fact, that’s why most customers love buying at Arizona Car Sales because we value your time almost as much as you do!

How does your trade-in process work?

You can complete a request for a trade-in estimate on our web site which will then collect thorough details of your vehicle including its mechanical and cosmetic condition. By collecting really detailed information we are able to give you an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s value. If you like the estimated value, all you need to do is bring your vehicle in for our appraiser to test-drive and verify its condition. This can be done at your convenience. The final value of your vehicle should not vary too much from our estimate so long as the condition matches the description you provided over the website, so please be accurate in your description of its condition and equipment. In some cases, your trade may actually be worth more than your online estimate!

Are there financial benefits to trading my vehicle in on my purchase with Arizona Car Sales?

Yes. In the state of Arizona, you get what amounts to an *8.30% tax credit when you trade your vehicle with the dealer you buy from – because you only pay sales tax on the difference between the sales price and the trade-in value. Also, be aware that some dealers will say they are giving you more for your trade and then mark up something else, such as the car price or interest rate, in order to make up the difference. There is no “shell game” with Arizona Car Sales. We provide our best trade-in offer along with our best interest rate and price before you even come to the dealership.

*8.30%, which represents 6.30% State of Arizona Tax and 2% City of Mesa Tax, tax credit only applies if you are registering the vehicle in the state of Arizona.

How does Arizona Car Sales determine what my trade is worth?

In order to keep prices as low as possible, we generally only retail vehicles that are meet our cosmetic and mechanical standards along with no prior accidents, lemon law, odometer rollback and/or salvage history reported on a vehicle history report. Therefore, we take any vehicle that falls outside of these guidelines directly to auction to sell to other dealers who have lower quality standards. The trade-in values we provide are based on the current auction values that dealers pay as opposed to book values like Kelley Blue Book.

Do I have to trade my vehicle?

No. We only offer this as a service to you. If you feel you can obtain a higher value by selling it on your own to another dealer or consumer, we encourage you to explore those options. Our goal is to make it as effortless as possible for you to get the best deal on the purchase and financing for the vehicle you desire. You would just lose the 8.30% tax credit by not trading your vehicle in with us.

*8.30% tax credit only applies if you are registering the vehicle in the state of Arizona.

Vehicle Questions

Are all vehicles on the website available for sale? YES!

Every vehicle on the website is available for sale. However, some of the vehicles may be on their way from the auction or still in the inspection process. If a vehicle is on its way from auction, it will only have one photo- a stock picture of a vehicle with a tarp over it that says “Arriving Soon.” If a vehicle has arrived at our dealership but is still in the inspection process, it will have a photo that states “New Arrival”. While it can only be test-driven once it completes the inspection process, many people purchase a new arrival before it even gets pictures and goes online so it is recommended that you contact one of our representatives via email or call (855) 971-9639 to confirm availability.

What work does Arizona Car Sales perform on vehicles prior to the sale?

Every one of our vehicles goes through a rigorous 100+ point inspection before they are sold so that you can be 100% confident in the quality and safety of your vehicle. This inspection includes everything from tread depth of tires to thickness of brake pads to exterior paint quality to making sure the radio and Bluetooth work! Our technicians fix any issues uncovered in the inspection as well as perform any needed maintenance. In addition, every vehicle undergoes a thorough cleaning and detailing to ensure that they are in the top condition given the vehicle’s age and mileage.

Please ask a representative for details of the work we have completed on your specific vehicle.

Do Arizona Car Sales vehicles come with a warranty?

An Arizona Car Sales Certified Vehicle will come with either the balance of original manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty remaining or the opportunity to upgrade to our exclusive 8 years and 125,000-mile warranty, starting with the miles at the time of sale on most Arizona Car Sales certified pre-owned vehicles! It’s the best-used car warranty in the USA and it’s only available at Arizona Car Sales in Mesa, Arizona! Even if a vehicle is older or has higher mileage, we have warranty options available for you as well! Please see an associate for details or any questions.

Financing Questions

What makes Arizona Car Sales different from other dealers who offer financing?

While many of our customers have shared with us how we have been able to offer them better financing terms than the competition, what truly makes us different is the level of transparency we deliver when disclosing our financing terms and the commitment we have to always giving you our absolute best financing terms upfront.

Secondly, you never have to come to the dealership and spend hours haggling trying to discover your best terms. We can provide these to you right over the phone and email them to you in writing.

Third, the numbers we give you won’t change when you show up. What you see is what you get when you arrive as long as the information you provided is accurate and verifiable. No matter what your budget is or what your personal circumstances are, no other dealer offers more financing programs than Arizona Car Sales! We have rates from as low as 2.99% APR, $0 down, up to 84 months to pay and up to 90 days until first payment!

Unlike many dealers who offer generic financing programs, we have established strong personal relationships with top-tier lenders such as Ally Bank, Banco Santander, Credit Union Direct Lending and most of the major lending companies in Arizona which enabled us to negotiate special financing programs. Many of these financing programs are only available at Arizona Car Sales.

Finally, Arizona Car Sales offers 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval through our in house finance program, Phoenix Auto Finance. What this means to you is that even with a past bankruptcy, collections, divorce, or repossession, you can build or rebuild your credit with Arizona Car Sales.

What type of down payment will be required?

Don’t let the past stand in the way of a great vehicle. We sure won’t! ??

Don’t be fooled by a lot of other ads you see. Other dealers will sell you a high mile, over priced junk vehicle that will break down on you! We have trucks, SUVs and cars as new as 2021 with miles as low as 1000 and just as nice as a new car!

Now, we get asked all the time on what kind of down payment is required. The more you put down, the easier it is to be approved on what you want to buy. Also, the more you put down, the lower your monthly payments will be!

Typically, these are the down payments you need for an ?:

On a credit scores of 500 or higher, $500-$1,000 cash down is the usual range of down payment required. We can even use your current vehicle toward part or all of this down payment!

If you have a credit scores below 500 or no score, $1,500-$2,000 is is the usual range of down payment required. There is no minimum score required, meaning it doesn’t matter if you are a 480 or a zero!

If you have more questions just send us a message on chat or give us a call at (855) 971-9639. With your trade-in, we are able to offer zero cash money down financing most of the time. We also have financing programs that allow you to roll over some, most, or all of the negative equity in your trade in so you won’t have to come out of pocket. It is quick and easy to find out if you qualify for zero down financing and you can do it all from the comfort of your home, office, or mobile device. Simply select a vehicle and click the “FINANCING” tab or contact one of our friendly representatives at (855) 971-9639.

Keep these notes in mind:

The larger your down payment is, the better your interest rate will generally be.
The larger your down payment is, the more options (i.e. more vehicles) you will have to choose from.
The larger your down payment is, the lower your monthly car payment or “note” will be.

Negative equity cannot be rolled over in our “Guaranteed Credit Approval” program.
Please fill out the application completely so we can get you the best financing you qualify for!

Can I find out what’s on my credit report?

Yes. There are three credit-reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and Trans Union). You have the right to obtain a free report from each one once per year OR if you have recently been turned down for credit. You can get your reports and learn more here: